Jobless? Here’s what you’re missing: meaningless titles

“I’m team leader”. A classic argument between Tim and Gareth in The Office over whether or not titles like this – often with tedious extra responsibilities yet no pay rise or perks – actually mean anything. (Spoiler: no. No they don’t. “It’s a title someone’s given you to get you to do something they don’t want to do – for free.”)

Grad Scheming (13): Labour’s Big Idea for JSA – a translation

Grad Scheming

I have decided to try my hand at translation. The two languages are, grammatically, almost identical. I shall translate from Labour leader Ed Miliband’s English to my native tongue, plain English. I’m not qualified so there may be some debate … Continue reading

Grad Scheming (12): “They want your jobs”

Grad Scheming

It’s so annoying when a savage animal gets into your flat, especially when it’s hell-bent on chewing at you until you’re nothing but a pile of bones. I’d say it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Luckily, late last year … Continue reading

13 Maya Angelou quotes to get you through your jobhunt


We lost a wonderful lady yesterday. As I read through some of her wise, witty and wonderful words, I realised I really could have used her during my jobhunt. So here are a few quotes to get you through… When sadness … Continue reading