How to Be Jobless – countdown

It’s marked on my calendar.

February 17th, 2014 “DEADLINE – KILL SELF”.

It shouldn’t come to that. I’ve set myself a deadline. One year to get a job. One entire year of looking for jobs, filling out application forms, calling to find out names of editors of this department and that department, listing out my experience once again, painstakingly checking covering letters and CVs and finally clicking ‘send’. Off it goes like a single sperm into the saturated inbox of the deputy editor of this and the contributing editor of that…more often than not, to no response at all.

Gosh, how we crave even the courtesy of rejection at this point.

The job market is no longer just competitive; it’s random. It’s a numbers game.

I hate numbers.

So I’ll do it for a maximum of one year. If by then I’m still unemployed I will admit I’ve lost or stomp off screeching that the game is unfair.

It’s 00:55. The game starts in 5 minutes.

Wish me luck, and do come along.


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