HTBJ Interviewed by After Uni: MA Magazine Journalism

My graduate story for

After Uni

April 2013

Where did you Study?

City University London

What did you Study?

MA Magazine Journalism

What year did you Graduate?


So we can feel more intimate, three words to describe your physical appearance.

Eyes, arms, Anonymous.

What did you do when you left Uni? Be brutally honest! If you cried into a bowl of cereal every morning & treated your local pub like your favourite Uni nightclub, say so.

After my BA I was just another lost graduate. I saved money by, ha…it’ll sound weird…I did fire dancing outside nightclubs, and moved to Mexico, by myself, for two years. I wanted to be bilingual; I felt oddly frustrated having only one language. Weird impulse I know, I didn’t even know anyone there. I’d also had a friend kill himself, so leaving the country didn’t seem like such a big deal – and as I felt like there were…

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