On studentbeans.com: 9 career websites that are actually quite useful

From Kirsten Parnell and those lovely folks at StudentBeans, a list of useful career sites for opportunities, advice, and sanity savers. And shucks, How To Be Jobless gets a little mention!

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1) Media Muppet

The best thing about Media Muppet is that it only lists paid positions and internships. So, despite what everyone and their mother might be telling you, it is possible to find paid work in media-related industries. Follow Media Muppet (@mediamuppet) on Twitter and it’s even easier to spot the things you want to apply for.

2) Ideas Tap

Another one for creative types, Ideas Tap is basically your new home if you want to get into art and design, writing and publishing, or film and photography. On the site, you can search for jobs and opportunities, as well as create a portfolio of your work. They also list competitions, job profiles and run their own creative briefs.

3) Go Think Big

Yes, it’s the third media-related jobsite on the list, but right now, that’s all I know. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s aimed at a slightly younger audience (age 16 and up); you’ll find opportunities at everywhere from Practical Fishkeeping Magazine to FHM.

There’s also the “My week in joblessness” blog – which might just save your sanity. Or at least make you feel less alone in your pursuit of A Proper Job Like Normal People Have.

4) Gorkana

Advertising jobs and internships in PR and journalism, Gorkana lists a huge range of positions from a huge range of recruiters. A major plus point of Gorkana is that if you have a vague idea of what you’d like to do, it may well lead you to employers you hadn’t even thought of.

5) Prospects

Like a great big careers encyclopedia, this site might not look particularly exciting, but it’s stuffed full of information on every job sector you care to think of, lists of training schemes, degree-specific career suggestions, as well as all the standard CV and cover letter advice.

6) Reed

Another fairly standard jobsite, yes, but it’s really easy to filter your search to find exactly what you want, and there’s a good chance you’ll actually find something relevant – which doesn’t seem to be the case with a lot of sites out there. You can also upload your CV so that recruiters can get in touch with you.

7) Directgov

It’s the government’s official site for job hunters, so it’s definitely not the most fun you can have on the internet (if it is, you’re doing the internet wrong). But at least you know everything listed on there will be legit, and it’s also good for finding jobs in your area if you just need something to tide you over for the summer.

8) Graduate jobs

This one’s fairly self-explanatory. You can search for jobs by start date, location, industry, and – perhaps most helpfully for the undecided among us – by degree. There’s also links to graduate blogs, forums, and careers fairs.

9) Guardian Careers

Not to be confused with Guardian Jobs, the careers section of the Guardian is where all the really useful info is. Use both together for best results – the jobs bit to search, the careers bit for guidance on getting through the job hunt minefield unscathed. Well, almost.


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