My Week in Joblessness: The entire series

“My week in joblessness”

My week in joblessness: People really do say stupid things about unemployment

Anon Friday 23 August 2013Our anonymous blogger responds to some of the stupid things that people have said about unemployment this week. Including the journalist who doesn’t think interns deserve to be paid.

My week in joblessness: Five reasons to let jobseekers be negative

Anon. Friday 16 August 2013Jobseeking can be pretty miserable, we all know that – so don’t you get fed up of people telling you to be positive? How To Be Jobless, our anonymous blogger, thinks she should be allowed to be negative if she wants.

My week in joblessness: Other, wealthier, interns are taking the jobs and it’s not OK. It’s far from OK.

Anon Friday 9 August 2013“Instead of getting a job for being trained and experienced, they get it for winning “Who can earn the least for longest?” I hate that game. I’m one of its many, many losers.”

My week in joblessness: A letter from the jobless trenches

Anon. Friday 26 July 2013“Don’t worry, family, we have fun too. On Christmas Day we’re going to have a game of football with The Employers in No-One’s Land. (Well, we’ve pitched the idea to them. They haven’t responded.)”

My week in joblessness: Ok, I admit it – I’m JK Rowling

Anon. Friday 19 July 2013Well, not really, but if that rumour starts I’m fine with it. This week, Rowling has been splashed across the news for writing a critically acclaimed novel under a pseudonym [insert wizard pun here, because don’t forget, she wrote Harry Potter].

My week in joblessness: The good, the bad and the fugly… Internships

Anon. Friday 12 July 2013This week, I’ve been thinking about that lovely, much-needed, not-at-all frustrating buffer between The Jobless and The Employed: internships. The word alone makes me feel like wrenching my hair into a Bonham-Carter goth-nest and squawking like a parrot

My week in joblessness: We need to crackdown on the hidden jobs market

Anon. Friday 5 July 2013Howtobejobless is busy being cross about the hidden jobs market – the ones you get through “connections” – but is that mainly because she hates networking?

My week in joblessness: hey interviewers, it’s not just us! Here are a few things you’re doing wrong…

Anon Wednesday 21 August 2013The anonymous How To Be Jobless blogger is fed up of jumping through hoops for interviews so has decided, this week, to turn the tables..

Howtobejobless: Why you’re not as behind as you think you are

Anon. Friday 21 June 2013This week, our anonymous blogger discusses how being jobless can damage your self-esteem – but you’re really not as much of an idiot as you think, we promise.

My week in joblessness: Terrible jobseeker habits…why can’t I stop doing these five things?

Anon Friday 14 June 2013The anonymous, jobless-but-very-qualified journo behind the How To Be Jobless blog has set themselves a year to find employment. It would be going well if working in bed wasn’t such an inviting prospect…

My week in joblessness: How to survive a job ‘trial’

Anon. Wednesday 7 August 2013We’d like to introduce our new blogger, the brilliant howtobejobless, who’s set the deadline of 12 months to find a job in journalism. So how’s it going?


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