Would YOU like to write for How to Be Jobless?

Do YOU have something to say about joblessness, the situation of young people today, or breaking into the world of work?


If so, I would LOVE to feature you on How to Be Jobless.

Since I started training at the Guardian, my voice isn’t quite as relevant when grumbling about joblessness and the plight of the young. It’s all a bit jammy when I’m doing it from my desk (however short-lived it may turn out to be).

If you have a pitch, or even a fully-written blog post, I’d love to see it. Email mequedan365dias@gmail.com

I reply to ALL emails. Every single one. If I don’t, because I fell over and broke my eyes just as you emailed, feel free to send a snarky tweet and I’ll apologise like an Englishman whose foot you’ve just trodden on.

Funny is good, but if that’s not your thing it’s always great to see informative and/or comment pieces. Pieces that are just, for want of a better word, whinging will be politely nudged towards a rewrite – unless they’re really bloody funny. We’re jobless! We want to be uplifted! A call to arms, a message of hope, or stuff we need to know. I hope to hear from you, your friends, your enemies…anyone. We need a collective voice.


2 thoughts on “Would YOU like to write for How to Be Jobless?

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  2. I get incredibly annoyed when I work my arse off every day trying in vain to find a job, only to go to the job centre and get yelled at for not managing to get online for ONE day, when I know full well I’ve done a lot more than a lot of other people out there.

    I have done two degrees at university and been at university for 6 years, I find it hard that I cant find anything and embarrassing to be honest. Then to be told that I might need to ‘tweek’ my cv so that employers don’t feel threatened, is a right kick in the teeth!

    I have applied for 50+ jobs and heard back from 4. The thing that annoys me the most is not hearing back. I find it incredibly rude that companies don’t have the decency to even send out an automated email, just to say they got my application, but that I wasn’t successful. It doesn’t take much!

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