How to Be Jobless on BBC World Service: What’s it like to be young and unemployed?

On Thursday 2nd January 2014, the BBC World Service show “World Have Your Say” decided to give a platform to several unemployed young people around the world, and me.

Listen hereA study for the Princes Trust found many young people feel they have “nothing to live for”, and as a direct result of long-term unemployment have actually considered taking their own lives.

Hearing from unemployed young people around the world, we discussed the effects of joblessness such as feeling demoralised, having panic attacks and a total sense of hopelessness – not to mention some of the horrors people have to go through in some parts of the world in order to get a job. Bertha, a journalist in Nairobi, told us that she has been propositioned with “sleeping with someone to get employment“.

You can listen here, and here are a few tweets from the show:

3 thoughts on “How to Be Jobless on BBC World Service: What’s it like to be young and unemployed?

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  3. It is NOT just the youth that face this problem, and it is kinda annoying that the focus is primarily the youth… I became unemployed in 2003… I divorced as a result… I started seeking employment and nothing happened. I signed on, Job Centre advised me to retrain, and consequently I went to see 5 careers advice consultants. They neatly put me into a box, stating that Law would be a good choice. I followed their advice, and got my upper second with honours in Law. However, my life has been a comedy of errors… from one mishap to another, and now, 11 years later, I am still unemployed, and Job Centre again is advising retraining… the catch now though, I have a degree, and I don’t qualify for further assistance, I owe 30 to 40k in student loans, and so working for a finance company is not going to happen. Then we get the CV writing sharks prowling, seeking to get unsuspecting people in their nets to charge them to write their CVs… People need to stop giving advice, and start giving jobs, jobs that pay decently enough to take care of a family and put food on the table. This whole thing sickens me to the stomach… and for the record, I am applying to somewhere in the region of 30 to 40 positions every two weeks. I am tired… yet, come rain or shine, bank holiday or weekend…we need to show that we are doing all we can to get work… and when that is not sufficient anymore, they put us into a work program, and they tell us to re-write our cvs, re-write our cover letters, look this way, look here, try this, try that… I have, I did, I didn’t of course I must be doing something wrong. I am constantly asked… why do YOU think the employer chose another person’s CV over yours? How the hell must I know? I am not the darn employer, am I? This country has gone to pot, it is simply ridiculous… the leadership claiming they are helping the youth… yes, they are… they are helping the youth stay unemployed while they clock up huge expenses, drive fancy cars, have multiple homes etc… perhaps there is a little jealousy… but not really… just GIVE ME A JOB in line with my skills.

    Have a great day…

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