One thought on “The evolution of the “job snob”…

  1. You could also mention the perception of society towards those working in retail and fastfood jobs. I’m sure we’ve all heard a bunch of times someone say something like “he can’t be too bright because he’s working at McDonalds” and seen fictional stories in the media where screw-ups and failures are punished by getting stuck in such jobs. I was watching the movie Unstoppable the other day, and the dim character who causes the disaster is fired for being incompetent at the end of the movie and it smugly adds “[his name] now works in the fast food industry” as if that is his punishment. Obviously it’s only fiction but you can see in society that attitude being held by many. So it’s little wonder people who have busted their backsides off in education want to be seen as the losers that many in society consider people in that industry to be.

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