My Week in Joblessness (12): People really do say stupid things about unemployment

Published 23/8/2013 on GoThinkBig Jobseekers have spent the past week fielding insults from a meddle of crusty old bastards. My thumb was poised for a twant (tweet-rant) – but I waited. I haven’t shown such restraint since hearing “Does anyone want … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (11): Five reasons to let jobseekers be negative

Published 16/8/2013 on GoThinkBig Jobseeking can be pretty miserable, we all know that – so don’t you get fed up of people telling you to be positive? How To Be Jobless, our anonymous blogger, thinks she should be allowed to be … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (10): Bloody other applicants, takin’ our jobs…

Published 9/8/2013 on GoThinkBig Sod this, I’m going to Greece. The rate of unemployment for under 25s is almost 65 per cent there. Wouldn’t it be spiffy to be in the majority for once? My new Greek friends and I could … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (9): The psychology of tea-making

Published 2/8/2013 on GoThinkBig There are some certainties in the world of work experience. You won’t know how to adjust your chair, and you’ll be too nervous to ask. You’ll have to investigate the whereabouts of the toilets yourself, because when … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (8): A Letter from the Jobless Trenches [GoThinkBig column]

Published 19/07/2013 on GoThinkBig Dear Family, It’s my 159th day in the jobless trenches. Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been a bit busy in my cycle of applying for jobs and listening to crickets. Please don’t send a … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (7): Ok, I admit it, I’m JK Rowling [GoThinkBig column]

Published 19/07/2013 on GoThinkBig Well, not really, but if that rumour starts I’m fine with it. This week, Rowling has been splashed across the news for writing a critically acclaimed novel under a pseudonym [insert wizard pun here, because don’t forget, … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (6) The Good, the Bad and the Fugly…Internships [GoThinkBig column]

Published 12/07/2013 on GoThinkBig This week, the Pyjarmy have been discussing that lovely, much-needed, not-at-all frustrating buffer between The Jobless and The Employed: internships. Though the mere mention of the word makes me feel like wrenching my hair into a Bonham-Carter … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (5): We need to crack down on the hidden market [GoThinkBig column]

Published 5/07/2013 on GoThinkBig I propose a hidden market crackdown…because I can’t network to save my life. It’s an oft-repeated whinge that most jobs are found on the elusive ‘hidden market’, where editors hire internally or throw a drinking buddy a … Continue reading

My week in Joblessness (4): Hey, interviewers! Here are a few things YOU’RE doing wrong [GoThinkBig column]

Published 28/06/2013 on GoThinkBig “Dear appli-CAN’T, Thank you for your interest. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only successful candidates will be contacted. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please assume you made some … Continue reading

My week in Joblessness (3): Why you’re not as behind as you think you are [GoThinkBig column]

Published 21/06/2013 on GoThinkBig This week, our anonymous blogger discusses how being jobless can damage your self-esteem – but you’re really not as much of an idiot as you think, we promise.  I’m writing this from under my bed. This is … Continue reading