Kirsty Liddle: offered a job on Friday, rejected on Saturday

Even celebrating a job offer should be off the table for jobseekers: it can always be taken away. Kirsty Liddle shares her experience and warns jobseekers to be wary of verbal job offers… Anyone looking for a job knows it’s … Continue reading

My week in Joblessness (3): Why you’re not as behind as you think you are [GoThinkBig column]

Published 21/06/2013 on GoThinkBig This week, our anonymous blogger discusses how being jobless can damage your self-esteem – but you’re really not as much of an idiot as you think, we promise.  I’m writing this from under my bed. This is … Continue reading

How to cover a CV gap

Have you noticed there’s practically nothing in the job listings that doesn’t have either “intern” or “senior” in the job title? Or just how few places even respond to applications? Have you noticed, indeed, that unemployment has just gone up … Continue reading