Kirsty Liddle: offered a job on Friday, rejected on Saturday

Even celebrating a job offer should be off the table for jobseekers: it can always be taken away. Kirsty Liddle shares her experience and warns jobseekers to be wary of verbal job offers… Anyone looking for a job knows it’s … Continue reading

Advice on freelancing from Neil Gaiman [VIDEO]

Author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, Stardust) manages to sum up in a simple, colourful Venn-diagram, how to be the perfect freelancer: If you have 20 minutes to spare, I can’t recommend enough that you hear the full explanation (plus some incredibly … Continue reading

My week in Joblessness (3): Why you’re not as behind as you think you are [GoThinkBig column]

Published 21/06/2013 on GoThinkBig This week, our anonymous blogger discusses how being jobless can damage your self-esteem – but you’re really not as much of an idiot as you think, we promise.  I’m writing this from under my bed. This is … Continue reading