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David Mitchell and Robert Webb sum up work experience in the media

“I just wanted to say, thanks so much for giving me this opportunity.” “No problemo, we all got a leg up somewhere along the line…so you’ll basically be dividing your time between helping out the program development team, and digging … Continue reading

Youth unemployment is high – kids today eh, Michael Wilshaw? – The Guardian

The Ofsted chief seems to think he can get away with blaming ‘lackadaisical’ jobless young people for their own predicament It’s that time again; it comes but thrice a year – happy blame a young jobseeker day, everyone! This time, … Continue reading

Emails from the jobless trenches

Joblessness has somewhat fallen off the news agenda, have you noticed? That’s what happens when things don’t really improve. After a while, they can’t keep going with the same story. So, just as a reminder that there’s still plenty of talent going to waste, I thought I’d share with you an email I got from one Jake Brown, who emailed  me requesting to contribute to How to Be Jobless.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 10.05.41

Dear not quite so jobless anymore but hopefully still sympathetic Madam,

I’m a recent convert to the school of joblessness (read: newly graduated), hoping to tease out some of my unemployed anguish onto the pages of your scarily close to the mark website.

My experience includes an inbox entirely devoid of responses to my job applications, expert skill in day-dreaming of the sad old regulars in my local pub actually being big-wigs who’ll one day give me a media job, and a slowly fading but ever present optimism that all my education might actually, hopefully, just possibly have been worth it.

So what do I want to write about? Good question. I know I’m not the only one to have faced the bloody awful move from a lively big city back to the countryside and its all too familiar stench of boredom and parental disappointment. I think I’m pretty talented – but so does everyone else, right? Well, I’d like to write about my current struggle, to put it bluntly. The part-time job, the well practised “no everything’s going really well!” lie, the un-worn interview outfit and of course not forgetting the stomach churningly large overdraft.

Eagerly awaiting your response (refreshing Gmail a hundred times an hour),


On – HMRC targets music firms in unpaid internship crackdown

This incredibly helpful article from outlines the startling increase in penalties for not paying interns. HMRC say, “we’re letting the music industry know that we’ve got them in our sights.” HM Revenue and Customs has announced that it is … Continue reading

How to Be Jobless on BBC World Service: What’s it like to be young and unemployed?

Listen here

On Thursday 2nd January 2014, the BBC World Service show “World Have Your Say” decided to give a platform to several unemployed young people around the world, and me. A study for the Princes Trust found many young people feel … Continue reading

Your bad internship experiences

Dearest HTBJ readers, I started this blog because I was miserable in my jobless, hopeless existence, and I realised no one in the real world gave a damn about my struggle. They reported figures that said we were screwed and … Continue reading

POSITION: UNPAID – A short documentary on the plight of unpaid interns

Last week, award-winning filmmakers Low Card sent me their short film shedding light on the world of the unpaid intern. Featuring the folks from Inspiring Interns and Intern Aware, they shed light on little-known rights and laws involved in working for nothing, and explore the rationale behind those whose work force includes the unpaid…

[VIDEO] Black Swan intern demands to be paid

The debate rages on re: unpaid internships…are they valuable experience or pure exploitation?

Eric Glatt, an unpaid intern on the set of “Black Swan,” is risking his career in the film industry by standing up and saying he was exploited by not being paid. So he launched a lawsuit on behalf of America’s unpaid interns. Now, other interns are following suit and demanding that their work be paid for as well.

The question is: will it become a movement, or will young people give into the fear of being “blacklisted” in these tiny industries and a bleak economy?

Irshad Manji, Executive Producer of Moral Courage TV, invites you to discuss and debate on her Facebook page:

Gordon: “I feel for you all”

Gordon commented on my column about the stupid things people say about employment, specifically the comments by Brendan O’Neill about internships – “interns don’t deserve pay“.

In contrast with Brendan O’Neill, Gordon tells us about “his day” without being mean-spirited, outdated or ill-informed.


Thanks Gordon! We’re keeping our chins up!

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