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Welcome to How to Be Jobless. Sorry about the mess. If you’ve never been here before, take a look at the About page, or watch the video for a general idea of what you’ve wandered into: This video started as … Continue reading

Grad Scheming (14): Nine new rules for the job market

Last month marked an entire year since my first “My Week in Joblessness” post on GoThinkBig. That means since I started publicly complaining about the UK job market, the earth has had time to travel more than 585 million miles … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (20): THE FINALE…The five stages of getting everything you want

Published 26/10/2013 on GoThinkBig Stupid slow ATM machine. How long has my card been in there? A minute? Forty minutes? GIVE ME MONEY. It is my right as someone who lives in the West to press a magical button and be … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (18): An interview with Alan Rusbridger for an actual real life job at the Guardian

Published 13/10/2013 on GoThinkBig I’m a big believer in preparation, and nothing needs more careful preparation than a massive disappointment. While we scramble, fumble and stumble for success, there’s no harm in working out that rejection backup plan – something more … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (17): How to be jobless and sick

Published 8/10/2013 on GoThinkBig Happy Tuesday, readers. To be polite to you, I’m not going to put a sneeze every seventh word, a cough every fifth word, or a “Waaah!” at the end of every paragraph. But you can assume them … Continue reading

My week in joblessness (16): A letter to David Cameron re: unpaid internships

Published 27/9/2013 on GoThinkBig Dear David Cameron, My name is, as far as you know, How To Be Jobless. It’s not my real name (if it was, my parents wouldn’t have expected more from me), just the one I go by … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (14): A job interview at the Guardian: expectation versus reality

Published 13/9/2013 on GoThinkBig In the last week of August, the universe decided I wasn’t so bad after all, and threw me a bone. Two, in fact. In my largely bone-free existence, this was a boney landslide. The first was thrown … Continue reading

On The Guardian: Currys interviewee told “never mind radios – show us your robot dance”

The appalling treatment of graduates continues! The Guardian‘s Hilary Osborne reports with suitable disapproval the humiliating grad scheme interview in which Alan Bacon (and other interviewees) were asked to DANCE for the panel of interviewers. Stay classy, Currys. He had ironed … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (13): Jobseekers, from Batman to Bullshit Man…which superhero are you?

Published 30/8/2013 on GoThinkBig The Internet went bonkers over Ben Affleck’s Batman casting – but fear not, jobseekers, I’ve found a way to make it all about us. You probably never realised jobseeking made you anything like a superhero. Well, believe … Continue reading

My Week in Joblessness (11): Five reasons to let jobseekers be negative

Published 16/8/2013 on GoThinkBig Jobseeking can be pretty miserable, we all know that – so don’t you get fed up of people telling you to be positive? How To Be Jobless, our anonymous blogger, thinks she should be allowed to be … Continue reading