POSITION: UNPAID – A short documentary on the plight of unpaid interns

Last week, award-winning filmmakers Low Card sent me their short film shedding light on the world of the unpaid intern. Featuring the folks from Inspiring Interns and Intern Aware, they shed light on little-known rights and laws involved in working for nothing, and explore the rationale behind those whose work force includes the unpaid…

[VIDEO] Black Swan intern demands to be paid

The debate rages on re: unpaid internships…are they valuable experience or pure exploitation?

Eric Glatt, an unpaid intern on the set of “Black Swan,” is risking his career in the film industry by standing up and saying he was exploited by not being paid. So he launched a lawsuit on behalf of America’s unpaid interns. Now, other interns are following suit and demanding that their work be paid for as well.

The question is: will it become a movement, or will young people give into the fear of being “blacklisted” in these tiny industries and a bleak economy?

Irshad Manji, Executive Producer of Moral Courage TV, invites you to discuss and debate on her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/irshadmanj

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