The best “No, I will not work for free” email EVER

As interns, students or starters-out, we thought we had the monopoly on being exploited, undervalued and taken for a ride. But it seems we aspiring journos are getting off light – here’s an email from NJ White, an established musician letting a TV company know just oh-so exactly where they can sick their request for free work…


Whitey…the Pyjarmy salutes you!

Whitey...the Pyjarmy salutes you!

Overheard and Instagramed: INTERNS

An intern is, in many cases, simply a low paid worker, hired because the business is trying to be more productive than its budget allows. If you’re interning for little or no money, you’re either about to be offered a job, or you’re being strung along. Used. Exploited.

Which is it?

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Left in a phone box.

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