The perfect response to a rejection letter

There is some comfort in being rejected because you’re not good enough. The job you wanted, so tantalising and rent-paying, was never in reach. You may as well sulk that you no longer have a chance with Brad or Angelina. But being rejected when you’d have been great at the job? That’s annoying. And Amanda Mester had the perfect response.


13 Maya Angelou quotes to get you through your jobhunt

We lost a wonderful lady yesterday. As I read through some of her wise, witty and wonderful words, I realised I really could have used her during my jobhunt. So here are a few quotes to get you through… When sadness … Continue reading

On – HMRC targets music firms in unpaid internship crackdown

This incredibly helpful article from outlines the startling increase in penalties for not paying interns. HMRC say, “we’re letting the music industry know that we’ve got them in our sights.” HM Revenue and Customs has announced that it is … Continue reading