Q&A with Gerri Spiers, the “Interview me now!” sandwich board lady

Jobseeker Gerri Spiers is working on becoming the next “billboard hire” – but she’s using a sandwich board. With her CVs in hand, she’s popping up all over London, and most recently, in the Evening Standard! She’s hoping the publicity … Continue reading

How to Be Jobless on BBC World Service: What’s it like to be young and unemployed?

Listen here

On Thursday 2nd January 2014, the BBC World Service show “World Have Your Say” decided to give a platform to several unemployed young people around the world, and me. A study for the Princes Trust found many young people feel … Continue reading

Your bad internship experiences

Dearest HTBJ readers, I started this blog because I was miserable in my jobless, hopeless existence, and I realised no one in the real world gave a damn about my struggle. They reported figures that said we were screwed and … Continue reading

Featured on Mediargh.com: Interview: The Blogger behind ‘How To Be Jobless’

Published on 19/08/13 on Mediargh.com How To Be Jobless (HTBJ) is a blog written by an anonymous and jobless journalism graduate. In his/her own words: “I have a Masters from a prestigious school of journalism, have been published in national … Continue reading

Featured on PlanetIvy.com: How to be jobless – an interview with someone who knows

A Skype interview in my pyjamas with American writer Jack Kelly  led to this article on the ever-entertaining site, PlanetIvy.com… We spoke to the author of the How To Be Jobless blog, in hopes of becoming more enlightened about unemployment. … Continue reading

How to be Jobless says: “Don’t ignore us, at least send a rejection” A massive HR department responds

Published 09/04/2013 on GoThinkBig Is there anything more soul destroying than spending loads of time on an application, only to hear nothing back? Blogger How To Be Jobless thinks not. Her heartfelt plea to potential employers is, however, answered by … Continue reading

How to take advantage of the jobless – an interview with internet job scam victim, Stinne

Old people. They’re the ones who get scammed. Vulnerable, easily taken in, don’t really know how the world works anymore. Those poor old people. That’s what people picture when they think “scam victim”. But a new group of vulnerable people … Continue reading

Arin Crumley, Filmmaker: “Being jobless is a good thing”

​Californian filmmaker Arin Crumley is based in New York, currently flitting between Europe and Asia, and is, in the traditional sense of the word, unemployed. Or as we media types call it, ‘freelance’. ​As well as being an award-winning film maker, … Continue reading