Q&A with Gerri Spiers, the “Interview me now!” sandwich board lady

Jobseeker Gerri Spiers is working on becoming the next “billboard hire” – but she’s using a sandwich board. With her CVs in hand, she’s popping up all over London, and most recently, in the Evening Standard! She’s hoping the publicity … Continue reading

An open letter to the coalition government – by Victor Brown-Villedieu

After seeing my article on The Guardian responding to Esther McVey’s “unemployed young people could just get a job as Costa” comments, politics grad and budding journalist Victor Brown-Villedieu came up with a few recommendations for the coalition government… Following @howtobejobless‘s article … Continue reading

“My response to everyone, ever from now on who says ‘Just get a job’…”

What do you say to that not-rare-enough species of adult who pretends the job market hasn’t changed in the last 30 years?

HTBJ reader Christie Mudie found a pretty good response. Let’s all learn it by heart…

Here it is full-size:




The best things about being jobless in January (by #Pyjarmy soldier Emily Howard)

#Pyjarmy soldier Emily Howard has a few words of encouragement for those of you feeling the sting of joblessness in the still-fresh, new year. It’s not all bad, she promises… So, the New Year may not quite have started as you … Continue reading

Hey, employed people: stop complaining about your jobs

Sometimes, as a jobseeker, you snap. Everyone else IN THE WORLD seems to be employed, and they don’t even have the decency to be ecstatic about it all the time. “Uuuurgh, sick of my job, can’t wait for the weekend, when I’ll spend all the money I earned…” Today we had a little stir in the jobless trenches, as #Pyjarmy soldier Yousif Nur finally had enough… 

Yousif statusFollow Yousif on twitter @yousifnur or check out his blog Popular Impact